Branding The Plan

It’s important that local people identify with the Neighbourhood Plan; after all it is their plan. So we thought it would be a great idea to have branding. Marius Coulon was tasked with speaking to his marketing people and they have come up with some ideas.

Now: “it’s make your mind up time” take a look at the letter head suggestions below and be prepared to say which one is your favourite!

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Formal Notification to Shropshire Council

At the meeting of the Three Parishes on Monday 26th March it was agreed that a sample document would be made available and attendees would be asked to feedback comments on why the Three Parishes area is suitable for a Neighbourhood Plan.

We should be mindful that we are proposing to cover a largely agricultural geographical area with a very small population. It is important to keep in mind that our wider infrastructure concerns cannot be addressed directly but that a focus on appropriate development can, in turn, influence infrastructure.

Please look at the documents below and then send your thoughts to:


What Is A Neighbourhood Plan?

In a Neighbourhood Plan The whole community then decides at a referendum vote whether the local authority should bring the plan into force.

A Neighbourhood plan is an important document with real legal force, therefore there are certain formal procedures that it must go through.

It is not intended that the Neighbourhood Planning process requires professionals, but instead relies on the skills available from local people.

A Neighbourhood Plan must be in general conformity with the Council’s development plan documents, plans and strategies from other public bodies, utility and service providers.

Neighbourhood Planning cannot prevent development but it can influence where new development is located, and the design, layout and materials used.

Neighbourhood Planning can help to ensure that new development is sympathetic to the surrounding area and meets the needs of the local community.

We need volunteers to develop our plan…

Can you commit to 24 meetings over two years? Do you have experience of marketing, planning or organising events? Do you like talking to people?

If you can help with any of these things or you just want to be involved in this crucial piece of work please contact Paul Nash:


T: 07525 19892