Have your say

The Steering Group members in each parish have organised events at which you can find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan and how it affects you. You can have your say on the day, or fill in a small questionnaire online HERE. Have a look at the meeting dates on the right hand side of this page for the meetings most appropriate to you. We have created events both during the day and the evening so that hopefully everyone will have an opportunity to attend.

If the meetings in your parish are not convenient, have a look at the dates in the other 2 parishes. This process is for a single Neighbourhood Plan to cover all 3 parishes, so any meeting can be relevant to you.

Moreton Say Event Invitations

For those living in Moreton Say Parish, you should find an envelope dropping on your doormat over the next few days, with the dates of the daytime and evening Neighbourhood Plan events planned for the Clive Hall.

Other arrangements have been made to send out this information for Adderley and Norton-in-Hales.

If you do not receive this information, please contact one of the representatives for your parish on the Contacts Page.

Communications Strategy Meeting

This was a very helpful workshop which Renee from SRCC ran for a representative from each Parish Council. It highlighted the ways of communicating including updating the website and press releases along with the events in each Parish and also the documents which were needed within the Neighbourhood Plan process. It was also explained that it was sometimes the smaller tasks which needed extra volunteers to help with and suggested that everyone tried to identify different people who may be able to help with these smaller tasks.

Meeting with SRCC and APT

Members of the Steering Group met with Renee from SRCC and representatives of apT on 5th December at Adderley Village Hall. The representatives from each Parish described their area, population, features etc and also the reasons for wanting to undertake this joint Neighbourhood Plan. Renee then went through a draft schedule of works to detailing who would be doing what and explained how the complimentary skills of apT and SRCC would benefit the project. Costings were also discussed based on the Expressions of Interest already received and also the optional work was explained.