Time to carry on

Well, the steering group had their first meeting last night since lockdown, albeit a virtual meeting. It has been decided that now is the time to start the ball rolling again. Shropshire Council’s Local Plan and the government’s white paper on planning were discussed, and it was decided to put to the full group the prospect of printing and distributing the household survey, and to hold an event (outdoors) in each parish to both publicise and explain the survey to parishoners.

Questionnaire Progress

Last night’s Steering Group Meeting saw good progress on the preparation of the questionnaire which will be sent to every house in the 3 parishes. As long as everything goes to plan, you can expect to see the questionnaire sometime after Easter, and don’t forget, the more that are filled in, the better idea we have of how everyone sees the 3 parishes going forward in terms of future development whether it be residential, business or leisure.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. We are currently reviewing a first draft of a questionnaire format to be sent to all properties in the 3 parishes. This will be discussed at the next Steering Group meeting.

In the meantime, try hard to stick to your resolutions and have a great 2020.

Housing Needs Assessment

I’ve just been on a call with AECOM, who are due to carry out our Housing Needs Assessment. They will make recommendations to Locality, who should approve our request. At that point the assessment will begin. This is a desk-based assessment, covering published information from, amongst others, the 2001 census and the Land Registry. This process, once started should take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Housing needs assessment

We have recently put in a request with ‘Locality’ who provide grants and technical assistance for Neighbourhood Planning. I have just been talking to their representative who has arranged a meeting with AECOM, the organisation who will be undertaking the assessment. This is a desktop assessment, using information already in the public domain, and will steer us on any future housing needs survey.

Affordable Housing Grant and Survey

At last night’s Steering Group meeting, it was decided to apply for a grant from Locality for assessing the needs for affordable housing within the 3 parish area. We also now have all the information we need to start thinking about the public survey which will guide policy writing for the completed Neighbourhood plan, so a sub-group will be meeting soon to go over responses from the previous survey and other sources, to decide on what questions need to be in the final survey, which should also include a housing needs survey.