The way forward

At the steering group meeting a couple of days ago, the rest of the Neighbourhood Plan process was discussed, along with the grant and how that affects the budget. We are now in the process of evidence gathering by aPt, which combines all the evidence that we have gathered so far from online data, survey responses, village hall meetings etc. This will give us a way to start the process of writing the plan. We now seem to have lost SRCC’s involvement in this process, so discussions were had over what can be done by the steering group and what might need further consultant help.

Next Steps

Having had a first pass at categorising the comments that were added to the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire, we are now moving onto the next stage which will be to prepare the draft plan. This will involve gathering all the evidence, answers and comments from all stages of the process and turning it into a set of policies to be approved.

Prizes drawn

We had the first Steering Group meeting of 2021 last night, and as a part of that we drew the 3 prizes (one per parish) from the survey responses. The winners will be notified in due course. We now move on to phase 2 of the Neighbourhood Plan, which is to turn all the information we have gathered over the last couple of years into policies to be applied across the parishes.

Draft survey results

We now have the first draft of the survey results. Too early for general distribution yet, but the steering group will be looking at this over Christmas and the New Year and considering how this will affect policies.

Have a brilliant Christmas despite the restrictions and a prosperous, virus-free New Year from all of us in the Steering Group.