Formal Notification to Shropshire Council

At the meeting of the Three Parishes on Monday 26th March it was agreed that a sample document would be made available and attendees would be asked to feedback comments on why the Three Parishes area is suitable for a Neighbourhood Plan.

We should be mindful that we are proposing to cover a largely agricultural geographical area with a very small population. It is important to keep in mind that our wider infrastructure concerns cannot be addressed directly but that a focus on appropriate development can, in turn, influence infrastructure.

Please look at the documents below and then send your thoughts to:


One thought on “Formal Notification to Shropshire Council”

  1. The Tenbury/Burford document is particularly interesting in that it highlights what can be achieved across a political boundary.

    The Pontesbury document emphasises that in planning decisions, if there is a conflict between a neighbourhood policy and a non-strategic local policy, the neighbourhood policy will take precedence. It then details a lengthy list of ‘Strategic priorities’ as defined in the National
    Planning Policy Framework, which begs the question: “What’s left for NDPs to rank above?”
    A list of non-strategic policies would be useful.

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